Alcohol Insomnia

Does alcohol cause insomnia?  Sometimes alcohol withdrawal and insomnia go hand in hand.  There is nothing worse than getting in bed after exhausting long day and not being able to sleep. Even if we feel very tired, it somehow keeps us from sleep by an internal process we can control nor understand. At some point in our life insomnia strikes us, all, and it leaves us with a feeling of physically and mentally drained, and unprepared for the next long day ahead.

In order to induce sleep people will try all manners of solutions. Some would drink warm milk at bedtime. Others would wear earplugs and masks. However, there is one way which many people found effective in combating insomnia by drinking a glass of wine or a bottle of better. Maybe at first alcohol can induce sleep but in the end alcohol insomnia just don’t mix.

Alcohol and insomnia work at something like this. At first alcohol induces sleep fast. However, it starts to dehydrate the body instantly. It will result in fitful sleep that stops short of REM required for a rejuvenating deep rest. You will be waking up after falling asleep for several hours. The reason is that your body needs water. No matter what you may think insomnia and alcohol are one of the worst combinations.

There are types of insomnia, which can be solving just by changing your routine. You may also darken your room a little play a soothing music to set the sleeping mood of the room. Another way to deal with insomnia is to eat less during dinner and lessen beverages before going to bed. If insomnia still continues to bother you then you need to consider seeing your physician. There are some medications available in the pharmacy both over the counter and prescription. These medications are safe as long as you will take it properly as prescribed by your doctor.

Insomnia can be solved by having a healthy lifestyle. There is no person who can function successfully without the needed rest. Alcohol insomnia is simply not the proper combination in order to ensure a restful sleep. Instead you can search for more natural ways to combat insomnia or look for professional guidance from the doctor.

Many would think that because of alcohol their muscle relaxes that makes them to fall asleep. However, it is not the reason. It will disrupt your sleep in the middle of the night. While you were asleep your body starts to metabolize the alcohol and affects the brain activity. The alcohol in  blood stream disrupts the normal cycle of your sleep that involves rotating four or five time a night while you are in restful, deep  sleep and become more active during the  time of dreaming and in  high brain activities.

Alcohol and insomnia do not mix at all.  Sometimes alcoholics deal with alcohol withdrawl insomnia.  For non-alcoholics, research has found that if you consumed alcohol 6  hours before bedtime it will disrupt your sleep period on the second half. Alcoholics experience sleep disturbances like the need to increase the time to sleep,  awakening frequently and poor quality  of sleep as well as fatigue in daytime.

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